girls wearing mulberry silk masks with mulberry silk scrunchies


Why silk?

Not only silk is very luxurious, but also it has a lot of health benefits.

  • Silk masks prevent dust, bacteria and even viruses to get to your skin. So you can stay protected elegantly and keep yourself safe and healthy
  • Silk pillow cases reduces friction between your hair and the pillow case so you wake up bed head free so you don’t have to spend hours in the morning fixing your hair
  • Silk eye masks are gentle on your skin which means that it will keep your skin moisturized and prevent it from allergies and rashes
  • Silk scrnuchies is perfect for your hair because silk keeps your hair moisturized and healthy, which means you will spend less on hair treatments and save your money


Are Silk by Layan products authentic?

  • Of course! our mulberry silk fabric is made from 100% natural silk that are produced by cocoons. They are handwoven and made in China. China is the country of origin for authentic Mulberry silk fabric products

What is the momme measure of silk by layan?

  • At Silk by Layan we produce our products at 22 momme. We have made into account the best quality of mulberry silk fabric at the most affordable cost. Using our products can make you feel like a queen without paying a queen’s ransom.

What is momme measuring unit?

  • Momme measuring unit is used to measure quantity and quality of your silk products. The lowest you can find is 5 momme. The highest you can find is 35 to 40 momme. At silk by layan we offer all our products at 22 momme so you can enjoy luxurious silk at an affordable price.

How can I check the authenticity of my silk products?

  • At Silk by Layan we always quality control our products before offering them to our queens, however, if you would like to check them for yourself here is how can your test it for yourself:
    • Test by touch
      • Real silk is smooth to the touch, you can also scrunch it with your hands, it should produce a scrunching sound
    • The Ring Test
      • The fabric should easily pass through the ring, test a single layer of the fabric and pass it through the ring. It should pass easily without getting stuck
    • The Burn Test
      • Burnt silk will smell like burning hair. Silk that is not real would produce a burning plastic smell
      • Real silk will burn into ash. Silk that is not real will not produce ash


Is the benefit of silk scientifically proven?

  • Yes! the results are lab tested and published by Perlin et al. at the department of biological studies at the university of Cincinnati Ohio. you can download the study here

Does silk masks protect from viruses?

  • According to a published study in biological science at university of Cincinnati Ohio, it has been proven that silk masks are second most effective fabric masks after N95. You will wear your mask as elegant as a queen. Also you will be protected from viruses like a healthcare professional

Is silk better than cotton?

  • Sure! Silk keeps your skin, hair and face moisturized. it is hypoallergenic which means it can protect you from dust, germs, molds, bacteria and even viruses.
  • Cotton is a high friction fabric. it can damage your hair, face and skin by absorbing moisture. cotton can attract dust, molds, germs and bacteria which is something you don’t want on your hair

What is the difference between silk and satin?

  • Silk is a natural fabric that exists in nature. Satin is a made from industrial materials like nylon or polyester. You wouldn’t sleep on nylon would you?
  • Silk is smooth to touch. Satin is slippery to touch.
  • Silk regulates temperature of your skin. satin can cause more heat to form

Is silk a worthy gift?

  • Sure! silk is the most lux fabric on the market. It would make a perfect gift for your loved ones or even if you fancy gifting yourself

If I order now when will I get my silk product?

  • We fulfil and ship our orders within 24 hours

Are shipping charges included?

  • Silk by layan is partnered with a shipping company that is reliable and trust worthy. Your orders will be delivered in a timely fashion; delivery charges will be 2 kd per order.

What if I don’t like my purchase

  • Because we care about customer’s health, we cannot accept any returns after shipping them. You can cancel your order before it has been shipped if you asked for a cancellation

How do I enquire about my order?

  • You can contact us on Instagram direct message and one of our team members will reply to you as soon as possible
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