About Us

At Silk By Layan , we know that you are the kind of people who want to get healthy hair and skin. 

In order to be that way , you need 100% mulberry silk products . 

The problem is that there are a lot of fabrics that market themselves as '' silk like'' while having no natural silk in them. which can actually be harmful for your ski and hair

We believe in proving the best 100% pure mulberry silk fabric at an affordable price. We understand that you want the best products for your hair and skin.

That's why we have specialized in 100% mulberry silk fabric products that keeps you looking fresh and luxurious. 

Here is how it works:

  1. if you find us on Instagram at our handle @silkbylayan , click on the link in bio.
  2. when you visit our homepage you can shop your favorite silk products.
  3. add to cart your desired product
  4. then complete your order by filling your address info , phone number , and your desired payment method
  5. upon checkout , expect yo have your order shipped to you within 1-2 max

so shop now at silkbylayan.com so you can stop having bad hair and skin and start having the healthiest look

 PS: our silk is research tested and proven , to access the research results click here